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References to Sigmund Freud from within LacanianWorks

by Julia Evans on August 1, 2022

This list contains those works of Sigmund Freud which are referenced within posts to LacanianWorks.  Dates on LacanianWorks are not the date when it was posted.  I was not alive in 1891! They are the date when the work was (…)

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Sigmund Freud’s case of President Daniel Paul Schreber

by Julia Evans on August 1, 2022

Availability of Daniel Paul Schreber’s Memoirs of my nervous illness & many of the commentaries Availability is given below. This was first published on 2nd September 2015 and has been regularly updated. Julia Evans Practicing Lacanian Psychoanalyst _____________________________________ The Samuel (…)

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The Taboo on Touching : 6th August 2020 : Gil Caroz

by Julia Evans on August 6, 2020

Originally published in French, 6th August 2020, for Boussoles Cliniques, towards the 50th Study Days of the ECF. Available Online: Translated by Peggy Papada Circulated by (New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis) NLS-Messager , Subject: [nls-messager] 3567.en/ Lacanian Review Online 253: The Taboo on Touching, Date: 3 (…)

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Two excerpts from Sigmund Freud “Transference & Love’ & ‘Transference Neurosis’

by Julia Evans on June 22, 2018

Two quotes from the New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis’s bibliography for their 2018 Congress : See BIBLIOGRAPHY AND QUOTES : here : Circulated in the newsletter of the NLS Congress 2018. This Congress will take place in Paris on June 30th and July 1st 2018. The (…)

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Tracing Stages linked to Libido in Freud

by Julia Evans on October 24, 2017

December 2018 : To request a copy of any text whose weblink does not work, please contact Julia Evans : : For fuller details, see Notice : Availability of texts from LacanianWorks by Julia Evans on 7th December 2018 or here Julia Evans Practicing Lacanian (…)

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A preliminary engagement with ‘Psychoanalytic Violence: An Essay in Indifference in Ethical Matters’ by Dany Nobus

by Julia Evans on July 30, 2017

Owen Hewitson commented on Professor Dany Nobus’s paper ‘Psychoanalytic Violence: An Essay on Indifference in Ethical Matters’ to the Earl’s Court Clinical Group, in Earl’s Court, London on Thursday 27th July 2017. These are my post-hoc notes, having now quickly scanned (…)

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Love Thy Neighbour: In “Significant Quantities” : 26th March 2017 : Joanne Conway

by Julia Evans on March 26, 2017

Note : Joanne Conway is from Dublin, Ireland. This text explores current Irish examples of Freud’s observations of the annihilation of the subject. In the UK Jimmy Savile’s activities, the Rotherham sex abuse case also point to what happens when (…)

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Schreber’s case revisited with echoes noted in the family of Fred West

by Julia Evans on January 11, 2015

Austin Gross (see 17th December 2014) raises three questions which interest me: Am I right that, after a hundred years, we still have no idea what was censored in chapter three of Schreber’s Memoirs? I haven’t managed to track (…)

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Psychical reality in action

by Julia Evans on September 18, 2014

In my post How are Freud & Lacan evidence-based?  (Available here), I refer to Sigmund Freud’s arguments in The Project for a Scientific Psychology: 23rd & 25th September & 5th October 1895: Sigmund Freud  : Available here, to establish via (…)

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How are Freud & Lacan evidence-based?

by Julia Evans on September 15, 2014

This material is taken from notes I made before the Saturday 6th September meeting. They have been expanded to include comments from the group, for which my thanks. My project, within ‘Interrogating Freud & Lacan’ starts with Sigmund Freud’s Project[i] (…)

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