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Life Over Death : 26th March 2020 : Thomas Svolos

by Julia Evans on March 26, 2020

Published by The Lacanian Review Online as |COVID-19 / 2020 #18 : See here   Also circulated From: NLS-Messager  – New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis’ Messager, as  Subject: [nls-messager] 3387.en/ Lacanian Review Online: Assuming How to Live. Date: 31 March 2020 at 19:14:51 BST, See here Available with Julia Evans’ notes at /authors (…)

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Alliance for Counselling & Psychotherapy Newsletter : SCoPEd & a new APPG?

by Julia Evans on October 31, 2019

Update December 2019 Introducing ‘Partners for Counselling and Psychotherapy’ (PCP) : see We are a partnership of eleven counselling and psychotherapy organisations holding open a space to support the diverse range of good practice in the field. This video (…)

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Against UK political moves towards Statutory Legislation & locking out the clinics of all practitioners who do not comply

by Julia Evans on March 17, 2019

Previous texts : Newsletter against the BACP, BPC & UKCP SCoPEd project : Alliance for Counselling & Psychotherapy  on 8th February 2019 or here Three leading professional regulatory bodies create a new competence framework. by Julia Evans on 15th January 2019 or here Background The Big (…)

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What is concealed by the so-called “Cht” and why? : 9th March 2019 : Réginald Blanchet

by Julia Evans on March 9, 2019

Circulated on the New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis’ Messenger, as [nls-messager] 3009.en/ TIDBITS – Reginald Blanchet – Towards the NLS Congress 2019 ‘Urgent!’, on 9th March 2019. Available from here Index References Location/Availability of references Sasha Nacht & Jacques Lacan – (…)

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Newsletter against the BACP, BPC & UKCP SCoPEd project : Alliance for Counselling & Psychotherapy

by Julia Evans on February 8, 2019

Newsletter against the BACP, BPC & UKCP SCoPEd project 12th February 2019 from Alliance for Counselling & Psychotherapy (Blog :, Contact : __________________________________________________________ ACTION 1 You are asked to forward this to everyone interested in the future of Counselling & Psychotherapy (…)

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The Unconscious Testifies to a Real of Its Own : 15th January 2019 : Yves Vanderveken

by Julia Evans on January 15, 2019

Towards Pipol 9, The Unconscious and the brain – nothing in common :, the 5th Congress of the Eurofédération de Psychanalyse: EFP : July 2019 – Brussels Circulated from: PIPOL9, Subject: a-kephalos 6, Date: 17 January 2019 Translated by Janet Haney & John Haney Available here  (…)

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The Context for the APPG’s survey on prescribed drug dependence

by Julia Evans on November 30, 2018

A related text: I suggest you also read The Psychopharmacology of Everyday Life | by Jamieson Webster | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books  : Available here ________________________________ Content Introduction About the APPG The Survey Areas of criticism (…)

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The progress of a bill against Conversion Therapy : a reply from the Minister for Women & Equalities : 12th November 2018

by Julia Evans on November 12, 2018

__________________________________________________________ Update, 22nd February 2019  : The following from the Church Times, may indicate that the difficulties of legislating a ban on Conversion Therapy (see below) alone, may be acknowledged. Quote: The survey ran online from 12 to 31 December. It (…)

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Mental health industry collaborates with damaging state welfare reforms (video) : 11th April 2018 : Denis Postle

by Julia Evans on April 11, 2018

Introduction by Julia Evans I first met Denis in 1979 – we think – though neither of us have a clear recollection of this momentous occasion, at a day on catastrophe theory. We reconnected when we found ourselves both on (…)

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Psychoanalysis, Politics and the Social Bond : acting as a 1-subject, outside of ideals : 5th November 2017 (London)

by Bruno de Florence on November 5, 2017

This is a recording of Bruno de Florence,’s presentation at an open meeting of the Earl’s Court Clinical Group’s explorations within the Lacanian clinic, in London, on Sunday 5th November 2017. On Youtube : Members of this group are (…)

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