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Transmission according to Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on August 1, 2022

There follows three comments made by Jacques Lacan. Any further contributions welcomed. Thank you. First published on 3rd January 2014 Julia Evans  Practicing Lacanian Psychoanalyst in Earl’s Court, London _________________________________________ December 2018 : To request a copy of any text whose (…)

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Present without a body – absence, lack, & loss in the work of a cartel : 12th December 2020 (Zoom Intercartel Meeting) : Ganesh Anantharaman

by Julia Evans on December 12, 2020

Presented at an Intercartel Meeting on the 12th December 2020 via Zoom. Details of the meeting and locating the references are below. Also available at /authors a-z or authors by date or it follows ____________________________________________________________ Present without a body: absence, lack, & (…)

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An Extimate Experience : 25th July 2020 : Ganesh Anantharaman

by Julia Evans on July 25, 2020

This is Ganesh Anantharaman’s  end note of a New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, cartel (,), Cartel 35 – Pandemic & being Lacanian, a Flash Cartel (from April until July 2020), given on 25th July 2020. It has since been published in (i) The Newsletter of (…)

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4 PLUS ONE – The Formula of a New Mode of Social Bond : 26th June 2020 (Athens) : Frank Rollier

by Julia Evans on June 26, 2020

This paper was presented at the eleventh Cartel Day of the Hellenic Society, 26th June 2020 translated by Joanne Conway   Published in  The Newsletter of the Cartels of the NLS – No. 16,  see   here   or as circulated by New Lacanian School Messager (…)

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THE PANDEMIC versus a pandemic – Cartel Opening Statement

by Julia Evans on April 25, 2020

Opening statement by Julia Evans to Pandemic & being Lacanian Flash Cartel (from April until July 2020) on 25th April 2020. Members, Alexandra Spencer, Ganesh Anantharaman, Gözde Kilic, Josephine Rostron, Paul Melia, +1 Julia Evans (More texts by Julia Evans here This text is (…)

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Lacanian Psychoanalysis Not Without the Body : 18th January 2020 (Dublin) : Bernard Seynhaeve

by Julia Evans on January 18, 2020

ICLO (Irish Circle of the Lacanian Orientation) Society of the NLS, Knottings Seminar Dublin, “The Other Side of Interpretation, Reasonances of the Body in Psychoanalysis” with Bernard Seynhaeve. On Saturday the 18th of January 2020, the Knotting Seminar of the (…)

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What does an Analysis satisfy? Episode 1 (Dublin) : 11th October 2019 : Dalila Arpin (audio)

by Julia Evans on October 11, 2019

Given as part of ICLO ( )-NLS ( ) series on Space Formation of the Analyst and its School on 11th October 2019. Title: What does an analysis satisfy?  Theme: Satisfaction  / Time and urgency in an analysis: My experience of the Pass (…)

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Jacques Lacan cuts between the real/ly-symbolic (RS) & symbolically-real (SR) (a cartel ending/work-in-progress presentation)[a]

by Julia Evans on July 17, 2019

[[a] Emerged within the New Lacanian School’s Cartels ‘Beyond the Pleasure Principle’ 2016-2018 & ‘Trauma’ 2018-2019.  See] A previous version of this text was presented at the final meeting of a New Lacanian School cartel on ‘Trauma & Urgent’ on Wednesday 17th July 2019. (…)

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Getting the Fix on the Mind Fixers : 19th June 2019 : Thomas Svolos

by Julia Evans on June 19, 2019

Published i) Lacanian Review Online – LRO 162  : See  here    ii) Circulated From: NLS-Messager Subject: [nls-messager] 3173.en/ Lacanian Review Online: In the name of…  Date: 19 June 2019 at 10:58:46 BST : See here    iii) Available at  /authors by date or authors a-z with Julia Evans’ notes Note (…)

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Announcement of title for the 2020 NLS Congress, Interpretation, From Truth to Event : 18th June 2019 : Bernard Seynhaeve

by Julia Evans on June 18, 2019

This congress was due to take place in Ghent, Belgium and had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Published From: NLS-Messager (New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis) Subject: [nls-messager] 3172.en/ Communiqué from the President of the NLS Date: 18 June 2019 at 17:33:56 (…)

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