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Notes from Seminar VII : 3rd February 1960 (p132 & top p133) : Discussion with Victor Smirnov on René Spitz’s ‘Yes and No’ : Reading Group of 7th September 2013

by Julia Evans on September 7, 2013

The discussion, Seminar VII : 3rd February 1960 : p132, is abbreviated in the translation and those Lacan invites to comment are missed out.  The complete discussion, on ‘René Spitz’s ‘Yes and No’, involving Victor Nikolaevitch Smirnoff, is available in (…)

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Discussion during Seminar VII : Session of 3rd February 1960 between Jacques Lacan, Victor Smirnoff (Smirnov), Yvan Audouard, Jean Laplanche, & Unknown

by Julia Evans on February 3, 1960

This account of the full discussion is from the AFI version (Association freudienne internationale), now ALI (Association lacanienne internationale). This version is in French. Available at /lacan (Seminar VII) or authors by date or authors a-z   Further information (…)

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