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What makes a trauma traumatic? : 8th February 2019 (Manchester) : Owen Hewitson

by Owen Hewitson on February 8, 2019

Presented on Friday 8th February 2019 in Manchester to the North West Regional Psychotherapy Association : See NWRPA.or here  for further details Available as text  at as follows: Amuse-Bouches IV – What Makes a Trauma Traumatic? (Part I) : posted on 25th February (…)

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Comment on post Seminar VII : 3rd February 1960 : p129 quoting Seminar VII : 27th January 1960 : p121(vases)

by Owen Hewitson on September 7, 2013

Note: This is Owen Hewitson’s response to Julia Evans asking him to check the accuracy of the post – Seminar VII : 3rd February 1960 : p129 : Discussion of ‘function of sublimation with reference to the Thing.’  Or here  – 5 (…)

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