THE PANDEMIC versus a pandemic – Cartel Opening Statement

by Julia Evans on April 25, 2020

Opening statement by Julia Evans to Pandemic & being Lacanian Flash Cartel (from April until July 2020) on 25th April 2020. Members, Alexandra Spencer, Ganesh Anantharaman, Gözde Kilic, Josephine Rostron, Paul Melia, +1 Julia Evans

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So, I wish to argue that there are two levels of pandemic – THE & a. These overlap the two levels I previously argued for trauma in February 2019[i].  

THE Pandemic 

THE Coronavirus is a unique example of the category, pandemic.  Science pretends that it is definable and the scientists define the one certain way of defining/defeating it. Éric Laurent commented on this (March 2020[ii]).   It thus becomes knowable – there are no gaps – and scientific processes derived from an imaginary world of pandemics can be transferred for use in this one.  It assumes the CV is containable, there are no unknowable beyonds. The virus is treated as THE enemy to be fought and hovers equally over everyone.  The fight in the UK is a national one, with prohibitions driven down from the national Government directly into our homes – who can or cannot enter. The other way to looking at THE CV, is from the question ‘why do we fail to prepare for disasters?[iii]’   It seems if it is beyond our experience we fail to notice it.  Our view of reality cannot be punctured. On 16th March 2020, I travelled to Paris for a booked appointment.  Nothing registered as unusual until I reached the building and there was no-one there.  On my return, everything registered as out of place.

A pandemic

In South Korea, CV is seen as the newest example of the category pandemic.  They have put procedures developed over the last few pandemics into place, and expect the next one to arrive in 2 or 3 years’ time.  They do use top-down total control methods but each virus is expected to arrive with unknowns, unknown in advance.  It is an appearance from the real which cannot be tabulated.  This point is made by Thomas Svolos[iv] & Jorge Assef[v].    

It seems to me that each virus sufferer produces different symptoms and it is not known why individual sufferers react differently to it – some die, others are hardly aware they have contracted it. Each individual’s response to their body being invaded, is unique to them.  I recommend Nelson Feldman’s account[vi] of his struggle which brought this phrase ‘going beyond death or a limit’ to mind.  So confronting something. 

So if a Lacanian’s job is cutting each individual from their imposed reality and enabling them to grasp life, pointing to the two levels of trauma, the body symptoms & subjective reactions to this pandemic – denial, fear of the world outside your dwelling space and fighting the unknowable invader in each body – can be constructed as part of the work.  One operates by cutting through the blanket imposition of social isolation, fear of contagion from the other, to produce a life beyond.

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