We shall build up again… : 31st March 2020 : Jorge Assef

by Julia Evans on March 31, 2020

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– ‘In the summer of 1913, during his vacation in northern Italy, Sigmund Freud went walking with two friends’ : See On Transience : November 1915 [1916a] : Sigmund Freud or here 

– ‘two years before Freud published “Thoughts for the times on War and Death”’ : Thoughts for the Times on War and Death : 1915b : Sigmund Freud,  SE XIV 292– 3 : Published  www.Freud2Lacan.com : available here

– ‘and four years before “Mourning and Melancholia” (1917)’ : Mourning and Melancholia: 1917 : Sigmund Freud,  SE XIV : Published  www.Freud2Lacan.com : available here  

– ‘that resonate with Lacan’s words in his lecture in Louvain: “Death belongs to the domain of faith: you are right to believe you’ll die, it sustains you”’ : See The Death is from the field of the Faith : 13th October 1972 (Louvain) : Jacques Lacan or here  

– ‘So Freud warns that those who relinquish the enjoyment of something because what is valued does not prove to be long-lasting are simply in a state of mourning for the loss, but he makes it clear that mourning will at some point expire, and adds: When once the mourning is over, it will found that our high opinion of the riches of civilization has lost nothing from our discovery of their fragility. We shall build up again all that war has destroyed, and perhaps on firmer ground and more lastingly than before’ : See On Transience : November 1915 [1916a] : Sigmund Freud or here

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