What makes a trauma traumatic? : 8th February 2019 (Manchester) : Owen Hewitson

by Owen Hewitson on February 8, 2019

Presented on Friday 8th February 2019 in Manchester to the North West Regional Psychotherapy Association : See NWRPA.or here  for further details

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Amuse-Bouches IV – What Makes a Trauma Traumatic? (Part I) : posted on 25th February 2019 : Available here

Amuse-Bouches V – What Makes a Trauma Traumatic? (Part II) : posted on 9th March 2019 : Available here

Owen HewitsonMember of Earl’s Court Clinical Group – see here & Member of a New Lacanian School cartel (2014 to 2016) on ‘Interpretation of Dreams : 1900 : Sigmund Freud & & currently a Member of a New Lacanian School cartel (2018 to 2220) on ‘Trauma’. See here or here

Detail of this presentation from the NWRPA programme:

Trauma often appears to be a very broadly-spread notion in psychotherapy, leading ‘trauma’ to have been ascribed to all kinds of experience, from birth, to sex, to war, and even to love. Often we find ourselves trying to locate a single event, and one of a specific magnitude, at the aetiology of a trauma. And yet we know that this choice is always somewhat arbitrary if we cannot account for how that event was inscribed, metabolised, or worked-through by the individual. This talk will argue that trauma is never simply about a single event, and that talking therapies reach a limit if they attempt to deal with trauma through speech alone. We will consider what the conditions for a ‘traumatic’ experience might be, the mechanism behind its action, and the most effective techniques for its handling in clinical settings.

Owen Hewitson is a PhD candidate in Psychoanalysis at the University of Middlesex and runs LacanOnline.com

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