Notice : Availability of texts from LacanianWorks

by Julia Evans on December 7, 2018

Note: Many of the links to texts do not work. Increasingly they are being made available on or contact Julia Evans.


The history of their disappearance


I started to use a file storage site – MediaFire – in 2011 – using them to give easy access to texts relevant to the Lacanian field. Shortly before Cormac Gallagher generously made his translations of many of Lacan’s seminars available on These were followed by translations of other key texts and shortly afterwards I discovered Jack W. Stone’s translations ( and Richard G. Klein’s translations together with the text in the original language. (  On searching the internet, it was possible to find translations of one-off texts by Lacan.

By 2015, translations of all the Écrits, Seminars I, II, III, VII, XI, XVII, XX with Seminar X published in 2014, Seminar VIII – 2015, Seminar XXIII – 2016 & Seminar XIX in 2018 – though not easily available in the UK. & the following were published:

The Savoir of the Psychoanalyst or The Psychoanalyst’s Knowledge: 1971-1972: begins on 4thNovember 1971 : 2017

Lecture I, Regarding Morality, Freud Has What it Takes : Faculté Universitaire Saint-Louis, Brussels : 9thMarch 1960  : 2013

Lecture II, Can Psychoanalysis Constitute the Kind of Ethics Necessitated by our Times?: Faculté Universitaire Saint-Louis, Brussels : 1010hMarch 1960 : 2013

Press Conference at the French Cultural Center, Rome (The Triumph of Religion) : 29th October 1974 : 2013

SIR Conference Report of the inaugural meeting of SFP, Paris (The Symbolic, the Imaginary, and the Real) : 8thJuly 1953 : 2013

Introduction to the Names-of-the-Father Seminar : 20th November 1963 : a second translation : 2013

My teaching, its nature and its ends (Bordeaux) : 20th April 1967 : published 2008

Television: 31stJanuary 1974 : published 1990

Letter to Rudolf Loewenstein : 14th July 1953 : 1990

Letter to Heinz Hartmann : 21st July 1953  : 1990

Letter to Donald Winnicott of 5th August 1960 : 1990

Introduction to the Names-of-the-Father Seminar : 20th November 1963 : 1990

The Founding Act: 21st June 1964 : 1990

Responses to Students of Philosophy Concerning the Object of Psychoanalysis : 19th February 1966 : 1990

Letter to Le Monde : 24th January 1980 : 1990

Analyticon : Impromptu No 1 (Vincennes) : 3rdDecember 1969 : 1990

Letter of Dissolution: 5th January 1980 : 1990

The Other is Missing : 15th January 1980 : 1990

& up to 6 of Lacan’s texts had been published in journals in English translation.

By contrast, by 1996, Lacan’s Seminar XXIV was available in French journals. So it appeared that access to Lacan in the English language is being restricted or published decades after the publication in French.  Hence why Cormac Gallagher, Richard G. Klein & Jack W. Stone became my heros.

In 2015, signs of things to come, Jack W. Stone’s & Richard G. Klein’s web-sites were closed. It appeared that Lacan in Ireland was under attack and in 2016 a copyright notice was added to its front page. Cormac Gallagher translates from tapes he made when attending Jacques Lacan’s presentations.

Earlier in 2018, Richard G. Klein’s site reopened, though there are a number of links which do not work and links which have disappeared from his site. In addition, I noticed that translations of texts other than the Seminars, had disappeared from Lacan in Ireland. Also in 2018, the site  which had some English translations disappeared.

With hindsight, I should have paid more attention to these developments.

In November I received 3 anonymous notices to take material down, which I did. A week or so later I discovered that all links were cut and they will not be restored. There is no appeal.

The copyright law has been updated and you now have to prove your relation to the copyright before it is posted. I will not be even attempting this feat, though the translation of Seminar IV will be restored. This move means that access to long dead authors, can form an income stream for the publishing industry and those who have inherited the author’s rights. Thus from sharing freely ideas and research in order to develop practice, access to these vital papers and translations is being denied. The capitalist discourse rules ok.

It may be coincidence, and the attacks on LacanianWorks have now ceased.

My advice is if you find anything which interests you on the internet, download it immediately. and remain invaluable.  Increasingly they are being made available on or contact Julia Evans.


Julia Evans


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