The Logic of the Stranger : 13th February 2018 : Miquel Bassols

by Julia Evans on February 13, 2018

Towards ‘Los Straniero, inquietudine soggettiva e disagio sociale nel fenomeno dell’immigrazione in Europa (The Stranger, subjective restlessness and social unease in the phenomenon of immigration in Europe), 24thFebruary 2018, Rome. See

Circulated by EuroFéderation de Psychanalyse, on 13thFebruary 2018 at 23.51 on their Lista di diffusione dell’EuroFederazione di Psicoanalisi as ‘Forum Europeo di Roma – Miguel Bassols (English)’

Translated by Sabrina Di Cioccio, Revised by J. Haney



From text : It is in this strange familiarity that we meet the dimension Freud called the Unheimlich – the sinister, the foreign, even if it is familiar.

Suggested reference : The Uncanny : 1919h : Sigmund Freud : Standard Edition: Vol 17: p217-252 or Penguin Freud Library: Vol 14 – Art and Literature: p335-374 : See,  #15 of


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For those who understand Spanish, the following looks interesting:

Presentation by Miquel Bassols in the Seminar of the Freudian Field of Barcelona.
By Miquel Bassols

Established by: Alejandro Velázquez

95:51 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 16.02.2018

“The Ordinary Psychoses and the Others. Towards the 11th Congress of the WAP”: “Psychoanalytic Allegory of the Stool”

On February 16th, 2018, Miquel Bassols participated in the Seminar of the Freudian Field of Barcelona. His accurate reading of Lacan’s text “On a question preliminary to any possible treatment of psychosis”, served as an approach to the theme of the next Congress of the WAP. During his presentation, he referred to the “three-legged stool”, mentioned in Seminar 3, and made use of the work of the artist and Chinese activist Ai Weiwei, a stool with four or three legs, to remind us that “not all stools have to have four legs” to sustain themselves, but at least three are necessary, as pointed out by Jacques Lacan, anticipating with this allegory the clinic of the knots.


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