A Society of Norms and its Criminals : 25th May 2017 : Jonathan Leroy

by Julia Evans on May 25, 2017

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My Way 25 : Newsletter of the 4th European Congress of Psychoanalysis : La clinique hors-les-normes (The clinic outside the norm) :

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From: PIPOL 8

Subject: My Way 25 (English & Fr) — A Society of Norms and its Criminals

Date: 25 May 2017 at 07:31:03 BST

Translated by Raphael Montague

Available here https://www.pipol8.eu/2017/05/24/edito-my-way-n25-a-society-of-norms-and-its-criminals/?lang=en

Or here

Availability of References

(2) A Theoretical Introduction to the Functions of Psychoanalysis in Criminology (Paris?) : 29th May 1950 : Jacques Lacan or here

(3) Aggressivity in Psychoanalysis : mid-May 1948 (Brussels) : Jacques Lacan or here

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