“But What Is This?”[1] : 11th January 2017 : Esthela Solano-Suarez

by Julia Evans on January 11, 2017

Translated by Janet Haney & John Haney

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In preparation for Pipol 8 : 4th European Congress of Psychoanalysis : The clinic outside-the-norms (La Clinique hors-les-normes) : July 2017

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[1] Lacan, J., “Geneva Lecture on the Symptom”, transl. R. Grigg, Analysis, No. 1, 1989, p. 15, (available online).

[2] Originally published as Lacan, J., “Conférence à Genève sur le symptôme”, 4 October 1975, text established by J.-A. Miller, Bloc-notes de la psychanalyse, Genève, No. 5, 1985.

[3] Lacan J., “Conférences et entretiens dans les universités nord-américaines”, Scilicet 6/7, Seuil, Paris. 1976, pp. 22-23.

Availability of references in English translation:

Geneva lecture on the symptom: 4th October1975: Jacques Lacan Available here

Yale University: 24th November 1975: ‘Kanzer Seminar’: Jacques Lacan : Available here  This is published in French as Scilicet n° 6/7, 1975, p7-31 so p22-23 should be about half way through.


-Analysis of a Phobia in a Five-year-old Boy – ‘Little Hans’: 1909 : Sigmund Freud

-Jacques Lacan introduced the neologism ‘parlêtre’ in 1974 to indicate that “carnal being” which is “haunted by the word.” See Press Conference at the French Cultural Center, Rome (The Triumph of Religion) : 29th October 1974 : Jacques Lacan Availability given here

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