More texts related to ‘Ordinary Psychosis’

by Julia Evans on April 19, 2016

List of available texts here

“The Symptom is the Social Link” (Jacques-Alain Miller, Conversation d’Arcachon.) : 3rd February 2012 : Omri Bichovski  : Information and availability here

“Ordinary Psychosis” Note ♯1: Paris English Seminar : 26th March 2008 : Thomas Svolos : Information and availability here

An excerpt from an interview of Éric Laurent by Jacques Munier on Ordinary Psychosis : September 2006 : Information and availability here

The Empty Subject: Un-Triggered Psychoses in the New Forms of the Symptom: 1999: Massimo Recalcati : Information and availability here

Feminine Positions of Being : 1993 : Éric Laurent : Information and availability here

Some forms of emotional disturbance and their relationship to schizophrenia (‘as if’ case) : 1942 : Helene Deutsch : Informaation and availability here