“Discreet Signs in Ordinary Psychoses – Clinic and Treatment”, Towards the NLS Congress in Dublin July 2016 : 10th October 2015 : Yves Vanderveken

by Julia Evans on October 10, 2015

presented by Yves Vanderveken

in London, to the London Society of the New Lacanian School,

on Saturday 10th October 2015.

This text was circulated, in French, on the New Lacanian School’s ‘nls-messager’ on 18th October 2015. Its title is: 1779.fr/ Congrès NLS – Développement 1/2 par Yves Vanderveken. The English translation was circulated on 23rd October 2015 as [nls-messager] 1779.en/ NLS Congress – Development 1/2 by Yves Vanderveken : Available here. Published : Both are available from the website of the NLS: www.amp-nls.org .

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During his presentation, Yves Vanderveken commented that a movement from the myth of Oedipus to that of Hamlet may be implicated. The following develops this:

The beyond of Hamlet : Some historical background : Towards Dublin July 2016 by Julia Evans on October 21, 2015 or here

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26th October 2015 : Bruno de Florence (www.deflorence.com) : Complexity

26th October 2015 : Bruno de Florence : Re: Yves Vanderveken’s text Signes discrets dans les psychoses ordinaires-Clinique et traitement

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Availability of references quoted by Yves Vanderveken:

– “Psychoanalysis is changing. This is… a fact.” Jacques-Alain Miller makes this observation in the text of his presentation of the theme of the 10th Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis. It will take place in Rio de Janeiro, in April 2016. Jacques-Alain Miller, available online, at the website of the WAP www.wapol.org or here

– Jacques-Alain Miller, “Ordinary Psychosis Revisited”, trans. Adrian Price, originally published in Psychoanalytical Notebooks, 19 (2009), Available here   pp.139-167 (out of print). Text reprinted in Psychoanalytical Notebooks 26 (2013), pp. 33-48.

– This is precisely what Jacques Lacan invited us to do with the Name-of-the-Father in his Seminar (XXIII), Le sinthome, p.136. 
Details of the English translation are given Seminar XXIII: The Sinthome or Joyce and the Sinthome: 1975-1976: beginning on November 18th 1975 : Jacques Lacan or here though the session date or page number is unknown.  Probably : In Seminar XXIII, Lacan points out that “psychoanalysis, with its success, demonstrates that one can also get rid of the Name-of–the-Father. One can get rid of it (ignore it: s’en passer) on condition one makes use of it (s’en server).”

From :  Jacques Lacan, “Joyce the Symptom.” Talk given on the 16th June 1975.  (Availability Joyce the Symptôm (Sinthôme) I & II : 16th June 1975 : Jacques Lacan or here) Text established by J-A Miller partially from the notes of Eric Laurent. Jacques-Alain Miller (ed.), Joyce Avec Lacan (Paris: Navarin éditeur, 1987), p. 27 Le frayage de Lacan aura été, me semble-t-il, de mettre au jour ce qu’il y a de proprement religieux dans la structure comme telle, et du coup, dans la psychanalyse elle-même (rapport du Nom-du-Père et de l’inconscient [3])

OR pX 11 of Cormac Gallagher’s translation of Seminar XXIII, availability here : p 136 of French edition : p116 of Adrian Price’s translation : 13th April 1976 : From Cormac Gallagher : Question : If according to Genesis – I am reading the things that people have been good enough to write to me, it is not the worst way to do it given what I have said: that the Real is linked to writing – if according to genesis as translated by André Chouraqui, God created a help for man, a help against him, what about the psychoanalyst as a help against?

  1. Lacan: I think that effectively the psychoanalyst cannot conceive of himself otherwise than as a sinthome. It is not psychoanalysis that is a sinthome, it is the psychoanalyst. That is how I will reply to what was put to me as a question earlier. The fact is that it is the psychoanalyst who is, when all is said and done, a help of whom, in the terms of Genesis, one can say that that he is in short a reversal (retournement). Since moreover the Other of the Other is, what I have just defined now as the little hole there. That the little hole might be able to provide a help all by itself, [pX 12] it is precisely in this that the hypothesis of the Unconscious has its support. The hypothesis of the Unconscious as Freud underlines, is something which, which cannot hold up except by supposing the Name-of-the-Father. Supposing the Name-of-the-Father, certainly is God. It is in this that, that psychoanalysis, by succeeding, proves that one can moreover do without the Name-of-the-Father. One can moreover do without it provided one makes use of it.

4 Jacques-Alain Miller, op. cit., p. 148 PN19/p. 35PN26.

9 [Strachey translates Krawall as “row”: Sigmund Freud, Analysis of a Phobia in a Five-Year-Old Boy. S. E. 10, p.5-145; (‘Little Hans’ : 1909) : first appearance: “making a row with its feet”, p. 50. T.N.]

The Other without Other : Sunday 19th May 2013: in Athens : Jacques-Alain Miller : Availability given here

– Jacques-Alain Miller, Sur la leçon clinique des psychoses, Actes de l’Ecole de la Cause freudienne XIII, ECF, Paris 1987.

– Miller, J.-A., “Ordinary Psychosis Revisited”, op. cit p. 41 (published in Psychoanalytical Notebooks, 19 (2009), Available here  pp.139-167 (out of print)), the reference is to Jacques Lacan, “On a Question Prior to Any Possible Treatment of Psychosis”, Écrits, trans. Bruce Fink (New York/London: Norton, 2006) p. 466. : When speaking about this, he uses a phrase from the early period of Lacan’s teaching that has precisely to do with triggered psychosis, “a disturbance (…) at the inmost juncture of the subject’s sense of life.” Information about English translation & availability : On a question preliminary to any possible treatment of psychosis : 1955-1956 : two most important parts of Seminar III : Jacques Lacan or here

The Neurotic’s Individual Myth (Seminar on the ‘Rat Man’ – 1952 to 1953) : 1953 : Jacques Lacan : Available here

– Jacques-Alain Miller, “The Unconscious and the Speaking Body”, speech delivered in French at the 9th WAP Congress in Paris, 17 April 2014. First published in English in Hurly-Burly 12, pp. 119-132, transl. A. Price, ed. V. Woollard, NLS, January 2015, under the title “The Unconscious and the Speaking Body”.

Published also in Scilicet, 2015. [reference is to Hurly-Burly 12, p.131]

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