Psychoanalysis and the Post-DSM Crisis : 2014 : Éric Laurent

by Julia Evans on July 1, 2014

Translated by Adrian Price


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– Hurly-Burly: Issue 12: January 2015 ; p41-56 : few print copies available because of print failure.

It is not known where this was originally published – probably in Spanish – let me know if you find out!

Reference to Sigmund Freud

Freud’s ‘everyone is neurotic’ probably stated at the end of Freud’s Lecture XXI : Since, however, everyone, and not only neurotics, experiences these perverse, incestuous and murderous dreams, we may conclude that people who are normal to-day have passed along a path of development that has led through the perversions and object-cathexes of the Oedipus complex, that that is the path of normal development and that neurotics merely exhibit to us in a magnified and coarsened form what the analysis of dreams reveals to us in healthy people as well. [p2651] Lecture XXI The development of the libido and sexual organizations: 1917 : Part III. General theory of the neuroses (1917) of Volume XVI Introductory lectures on psycho-analysis (1916-17). : Available here

Reference to Jacques Lacan

Everyone is mad comes from Lacan, J., “There are four discourses…”, transl. by A. Price in Culture/Clinic, Issue 1, Spring 2013 : Further details Transfert à Saint Denis? : Lacan pour Vincennes ! : Il y a quatre discours. : 22nd October 1978 : Jacques Lacan or here

Jacques Lacan also states ‘Tous est fou’ during one of his seminars. The exact reference does not come to mind at the moment.


“Mankind is entering a period that has been called ‘global’, in which it will find out about this something that is emerging from the destruction of an old social order […]: what can we do so that human masses, which are destined to occupy the same space, not only geographically, but sometimes in a familial sense, remain separate?”, Lacan, J., “Address on Child Psychoses”, translated by A. R. Price & B. Khiara-Foxton in Hurly-Burly, Issue 8, October 2012, p. 271.
 Further information Address on Child Psychosis (Maison de la Chimie, à Paris ) : 22nd October 1967 : Jacques Lacan or here 


Already in 1955, in “The Freudian Thing”, Lacan was making fun of the use of the word “op- er-a-tion-al” in its attempt to do away with the rational, especially with respect to the use of the operational criteria by which Ego Psychology was seeking to become a part of general psychology. See Lacan, J., “The Freudian Thing” in Écrits, The First Complete Edition in English, translated by B. Fink, R. Grigg & H. Fink, Norton, New York, 2006, p. 350.

The Freudian Thing, or the Meaning of the Return 
to Freud in Psychoanalysis

Time-line : This is an expanded version of a lecture given at the Vienna Neuropsychiatric Clinic on November 7, 1955. It came out in Évolution Psychiatrique XXI, I (1956): p225-52

Translated by Alan Sheridan : The Freudian Thing or the Meaning of the Return to Freud in Psychoanalysis: 7th November 1955 : Écrits, a selection: London, Tavistock : 1977

See  The Freudian Thing or the Meaning of the Return to Freud in Psychoanalysis : (Vienna) 7th November 1955 : Jacques Lacan  or  here

Further information & general commentaries : Translator’s note, Bibliography Note : 1977 : Alan Sheridan & Classified index of the major concepts, Commentary on the graphs : 1966 : Jacques-Alain Miller : from ‘Écrits: a selection’ or here

More information: Écrits : 1966 : Jacques Lacan or here


People speak about illness. At the same time people say that there isn’t any, that there isn’t any mental illness, for example. They are quite right to say so, in the sense that this would be a nosological entity, as one used to say in the past. Mental illness is on no account a given entity. It’s rather the case that mentality has flaws. From Lacan J., Le séminaire livre XIX, … ou Pire, Seuil, Paris, 2011, p. 223

More information about English translation availability: Seminar XIX: 1971-72: …Ou pire …Or worse : from 8th December 1971 : Jacques Lacan or here


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More information of texts by Éric Laurent available or   /laurent éric

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