Seminar VII : 2nd March 1960 : p156-159 : Pierre Kaufmann’s intervention

by Julia Evans on November 9, 2013

This was discussed during the reading group on 9th November 2013.

In Dennis Porter’s translation of Seminar VII (availability Seminar VII: The ethics of psychoanalysis: 1959-1960: Jacques Lacan or here), Pierre Kaufman’s interventions (p156-159 of the Routledge edition) on 2nd March 1960 are either abbreviated or omitted.

Notes on Pierre Kaufmann’s intervention on Siegfelt Bernfelt ‘Observations on Sublimation’ given during Seminar VII on 2nd March 1960 are given here including its availability in French.

Other comments from this group are available: Notes from Seminar VII : 2nd March 1960 : Interventions by Pierre Kaufmann on Siegfried Bernfeld’s work or here .

Details of Siegfried Bernfelt : Bemerkungen über Sublimierung (Observations on Sublimation) : 1922 :are given Bemerkungen über Sublimierung (Observations on Sublimation): 1922 : Siegfried Bernfeld  or here. So far no English translation has been found.


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