Immanent Money : October 2013 : Éric Laurent

by Julia Evans on October 1, 2013

This is one of a series of articles written by contemporary analysts recalling a moment of their experience in analysis with Lacan. They all touch on the price of the session and the meaning of money for each analysand. It was originally published in No. 85 of ‘La Casue du désir’, the journal of the École de la Cause freudienne, whose theme for this issue translates as ‘Money, Totem and Taboo’. Éric Laurent is an Analyst Member of the School, member of the École de la Cause Freudienne (France) and of the New Lacanian School.

Published in English:

P163-166 of Hurly Burly, Issue 11, May 2014

Translated from the French, by Pauline O’Callaghan

Available here

Published in French :

Laurent, É., “L’argent immanent”, La Casue du désir, No. 85, Oct. 2013, p50-52.


Julia Evans

Practicing Lacanian Psychoanalyst, Earl’s Court, London


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