Seminar VII: 20th January 1960: p106 : Request for help with a reference

by Julia Evans on June 1, 2013

The following was read on June 1st, by the Reading Seminar VII group:

Session of 20th January 1960: Seminar VII: Ch VIII, The object and the thing: p106

Recently, an American author, who isn’t at all Kleinian, has written on sublimation as the principle of creation in the fine arts. In an article that I shall come back to later, entitled “A theory Concerning Creation in the Free Arts” , after a more or less exhaustive critical examination of Freudian formulations on sublimation and of Kleinian attempts to explain its full meaning, the author M. Lee, ends up attributing to it a restitutive function.

Does anyone know who M. Lee is?

Or better has a reference for the article…..

Please let me know