‘Will you walk into my parlour?’ said the spider to the fly: An invitation from the Government-guaranteed supplier of risk-free treatments.

by Julia Evans on December 1, 2012

The Government’s favoured supplier now goes into Kent by invitation……..  This is so corrupt words are failing me.

If you are a practitioner, please note:

This is payment-by-results – you will have to order your clients to get better.

Your ‘clinical supervisor’ will ensure your work is up to standard – that is you are achieving the outcome standards of wellbeing and happiness in the required time.

If you cannot cure in 6 sessions, your money will decrease.

If you are seeking help, please note:

This is a factory-production line. You will be done as if you are raw material to be put together in a better order.

If this is not done in a limited time, you will be rejected.

Both or All:

Please note the ‘scientific’, ‘evidence-based’ use of graphs…….. which are monitored at ‘Get Stable’ HQ

From emails:

Friday 3oth November 2012

From: Benjamin Fry

Date: Friday, 30 November 2012 20:00

To: Senior Practitioner

Subject: Get Stable update on NHS contracts

Hi Senior Practitioner

Sorry to bother you again.

We have just been asked to provide the Kent PCT with capacity to clear some of their waiting list for primary care therapy.  So if you think you are accessible for clients in Kent, please do register with us asap, and also email Jade (just hit “reply”) to let her know how many clients you could take on in the next 4-8 weeks.

Also, please do have a look at Get Stable’s online tool for measuring psychological wellbeing.  This was developed for us by CORE but is fun and easy to use with our online graphical interface.  Your clients can take this test every week and it will build into a graph of their progress which they can print out and discuss with you.  Research shows that this helps both them and you.  It’s also a great resource for people who can’t access therapy and gives them a starting point, so please do pass it on.


Best wishes,


Founder   Get Stable

Strap-line from web-site: How are you feeling today?

Get Stable can help you access a wider range of NHS funded talking therapies. 
We’ll show you where to go and what to do to get better.

Get Stable, Guildford, Surrey, GU4 8RD


Friday 30th November 2012: 20:30

From the Senior Practitioner who has received this mailing:

Mmmmm……  this when you are Benjamin’s email list.


Friday 30th November 2012 21:51

Practitioner D: Lots of this on way!


On 30th November 2012, at 23:42

Practitioner E: Yes I get these too.  Is this payment by results?


On 1 Dec 2012, at 10:13

Senior Practitioner who has received this mailing : Yes, payment by result by some quite complex system of sharing ‘risk’ among the therapists.


1st December 2012 at 10:23

Practitioner D: I wonder what the results will be!


So the Government’s production line comes into force in its Happiness Factories, to produce wellbeing and happiness, and get everyone back into paid employment.  This has Parliamentary approval (both Labour and Conservative parties) and is backed by Privy Council order – Health Professions Order 2001 & NICE & Skills for Health & CHRE/PSA/HPC/HCPC regulation.

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