Two letters for your attention: the bps tells Parliament why it should not be swallowed whole into the domain of the Privy Council & Earl Howe, the Government’s Standards Zsar within Health, commands a reply to 3 of my emails.

by Julia Evans on November 13, 2012


1)  This post gives the British Psychological Society’s position on statutory regulation as at 9th January 2009, before the matter was debated in the House of Lords.  They did not want it, but no matter, the Government knows best and rules supreme.  Because of interventions by the Merits of Statutory Instruments committee, no other talking therapy has been persecuted under the Health Professions Order 2001. They reinvented the CHRE/PSA to take its place.

Available here:

January 2009: The bps’s plea to Parliament not to cosh it with regulation by Julia Evans on January 9, 2009  or here

2)  Julia Evans’ exchange – 3 emails sent in October 2012 –  with Earl Howe, the Government’s Standards Zsar for Health.  His full function is described in the post, web-link follows.

The exchange is fully documented here:

The exchange between Earl Howe, the Department of Health and Julia Evans during October. My reply will be posted shortly. by Julia Evans on October 30, 2012 or here

Earl Howe, or the DoH’s, full reply is available through the LacanianWorks post.  I will be replying shortly.

The Government has learnt nothing from Zimbardo’s prison experiment.  Earl Howe is the current occupier of the experimenter’s role, that is he sets the cage or prison in which treatments,against Government standards, are given. Then the roles of the prison officer giving electric shock treatment is set via Skills for Health – 450 competencies, NICE the Government’s agency which introduces taint upon anyone who is defined as mentally ill and CHRE/PSA/HPC are the experimenter’s assistants, making sure everyone plays by the rules.

And you think I am over the top? Now read the correspondence.

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