Giles Fraser reinterpretes ‘Kant avec Sade’ around Occupy London at St Paul’s

by Julia Evans on October 14, 2012

There are a series of relevant articles waiting to be posted. I have given up saving to the desktop as it is now covered with urgent postings.  The new file is expanding rapidly….

Reason for making an exception to Giles Fraser’s article – see below for details of web-link or here:

1)  If you put Giles Fraser into the search engine on LacanianWorks (top right hand corner – I think!) you will discover that I have quoted him a number of times over the last 5 or so years.

2)  Jacques Lacan linked Kant (THE Good) with de Sade (the underneath – de Sade’s writings are actually political commentaries based perversely in sexual scenes.  Perverse I am using not to indicate someone labelled in the tabloid press as being subnormal sexually, that is failing to achieve standard sexuality, but as ignoring or being underneath a limit.  Thus, Sir Jimmy could be put in the place of de Sade’s chief controller manipulating so there are no limits to his sexual enjoyment or his enjoyment never fails.)  There are many references to this text on LacanianWorks.

3)  Giles Fraser refers to Dionysus and Apollo, in the article below.  It was Giles Fraser who first referred me to Professor René Girard as making this distinction between two ways of being in the world.  René Girard organised the 1966 conference in Baltimore, USA on ‘The languages of Criticism and the sciences of Man: The Structuralist Controversy’, at which Jacques Lacan made at least 3 interventions.  There are references to René Girard and the conference on LacanianWorks.

4) Finally, Bruce Scott’s intervention into Occupy St Paul’s or St Paul’s Occupy!! or something, is posted to LacanianWorks.  This grew out of the cartel which is named LacanianWorks Working Group – look at the categories down the right hand side of the main page for other posts to this category.

The reference:

Title: Occupy was right – all the church could say was ‘go home’

When the protest began exactly one year ago, the Church of England should also have been angry about the financial crisis

Author:       Giles Fraser

Published in:  The Guardian

Date:  Sunday 14 October 2012 21.00 BST

Available here