The Chronicle of Éric Laurent : The Profound and Enduring Crisis of the DSM Zone LQ 219 : 6th June 2012

by Julia Evans on June 6, 2012

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[nls-messager] 473 – 2011/2012 LACAN QUOTIDIEN N°219 :

on 9th June 2012 :

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as Lacan Quotidien n°219 – La crise profonde et durable de la zone DSM par Eric Laurent

par LA REDACTION le 6 JUIN 2012

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Translated by Frances Coates-Ruet

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References (These are included here)

1) LQ 207 : published by : Available here

▪ PRESSE MONDE ▪ Diagnosing the DSM by Allen Frances &

présenté par Agnès Aflalo & others

2) New York Times : The Opinion Pages OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR :

Diagnosing the D.S.M. By ALLEN FRANCES : Published: May 11, 2012

Available here

Or here

Or near the end of here

Availability of other English translations:

The Chronicle of Éric Laurent – Starts of the Clinic and the Dead-End of Neuro-Multiculturalism LQ 208: 16th May 2012 : Éric Laurent or here

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