•The Chronicle of Éric Laurent• Autism: Epidemic or Ordinary State of the Subject? LQ 194 : 10th April 2012

by Julia Evans on April 10, 2012

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  • LA CHRONIQUE D’ÉRIC LAURENT• [Autisme : Épidémie ou état ordinaire du sujet ?] : 10th April 2012 : LQ 194:

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On 1st July 2012

Published in English as:

  • The Chronicle of Éric Laurent• Autism: Epidemic or Ordinary State of the Subject?

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The concluding paragraph:

Does not the statistical debate make a quasi-ordinary status of autism appear?  If we define the speaking being as a being of communication, we discover a radical flaw within it.  The beginning of the 20th Century consisted in the discovery of the extent of neurosis and psychical conflict. The end of the last century was marked by the ordinary status of psychosis and depression. Will not the 21st Century be that of the evidence of an ordinary status of autism?

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