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Title : Lacan Quotidien n°199 – La Chronique d’Eric Laurent : Rechercher et punir : l’éthique aujourd’hui

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Final paragraph:

Psychoanalysis is a critical discipline that helps to keep alive an ethical distance from wishes that seek to make bothersome symptoms conform at any cost. On 16 April, an account in the British newspaper The Guardian* made this tangible for us. The author, Henry Bond, English artist and writer, who had his heyday in the nineties with the YBA movement (Young British Artists), alongside Damien Hirst and others, presents himself as an Autistic Asperger and a Lacanian. Indeed, he has a Masters in Psychoanalysis from Middlesex Polytechnic, under the direction of Bernard Burgoyne, and has published books with forewords by Darian Leader and Slavoj Zizek, such as Lacan on the Scene, published by MIT Press in 2009. He speaks of his psychoanalysis and his sessions of CBT. CBT, administered within the framework of the NHS, taught him to improve his “social skills”. He learned to develop strategies to cope with his “social bluntness”. On the other hand, he learned in his analysis that he is “spoken by the real, possessed by language”. He attributes this quote to Lacan. This is a dimension of existence that seems to be precious to him and to which he has access through his autism. Like other high-functioning autistics, he fears that if a genetic cause for autism is found, they will try to eradicate it, like with Down syndrome. He thinks however that it will take another 50 years before this discovery is made and that, until then, Lacanian psychoanalysis will help to keep open the ethical issues raised by autism. He fully adheres to the remark made by a speaker at a recent autism conference: “No one wants to be loved for being ‘normal’ – everyone wants to be loved for whatever is unique to them”.


What autism can teach us about psychoanalysis : 16th April 2012 : by Henry Bond : www.theguardian.com : Available her

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