It is now officially evidence-based: NHS will have to ration further treatments…

by Julia Evans on February 27, 2012

The evidence, as reported in The Guardian  [i], is :  ‘A representative survey of 821 GPs in England, commissioned by the Nuffield Trust health thinktank.’

The conclusion:  ‘The NHS is facing such acute financial pressure that it will have to extend the rationing of treatments in order to cope, GPs warn.  An overwhelming majority of family doctors believes that the NHS is under such strain that ministers will have to undertake the politically difficult task of redefining what it can, and cannot, afford to provide. Rising demand for healthcare, the discovery of new treatments and flat NHS budgets have reopened the debate on whether it needs to set out clearly what services will be restricted to patients with certain ailments.’

And further: ‘After protests from patients, doctors and health charities, both health ministers and senior figures in the NHS have said the £20bn target should not produce such cutbacks.  “Blanket bans on treatment are unacceptable”, said Simon Burns, the NHS minister, who claimed the coalition’s NHS shake-up will improve patient care by handing Gps control over treatment budgets from 2013.’

Exactly what I have been stating for years.  The assertions, from the Health Professions Order 2001 onwards through Government reports and White Papers, are that the Government, by its actions can ‘safeguard health and wellbeing’. This is a camouflage.  What they are actually doing is replacing all practices based in relationships between two human beings with the systematic procedures defined in remote committee rooms, known as NICE, and drugs.  On what grounds?  The use of Government driven and accountancy driven evaluation procedures.  With what will Art Therapy, Therapy Centres, and so on be replaced? If you are lucky 12 sessions of Government sponsored cbt or similar with a standard Government-trained well-being operator.

Anything else will not be available on the NHS.

Unfortunately, in order to put this Utopia in place, they need control of registration procedures so they can control what goes on in their Happiness Factories: IAPT. This means anyone not registered will become unofficial and, being without the Government’s safety guarantee, dangerous.  So by implication, those practicing outside this risk-free zone, are no good.


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[i] Quoted from: ‘NHS will have to ration further treatments, GPs warn. Rising demand, new treatments and flat budgets reopen debate on government guidelines over what services will be restricted’ by Denis Campbell, health correspondent , The Guardian, Monday 27 February 2012 and available here.