Three contexts or meanings within which the talking therapies are held……….

by Julia Evans on January 19, 2012



My previous post giving details of the debate at the Institute of Psychiatry has, finally, got me posting one of my scribblings from the past. The following was circulated to regx2 and into both Houses of Parliament in December 2010.


Published on: as Psychotherapy is imposed: Psycho-analysis© works: Psychoanalysis operates by Julia Evans on December 15, 2010.



In Psychotherapy is imposed,I examine how the Government uses Privy Council power to create its protected market in the provision of care for suffering human-BEINGS. Professor Peter Fonagy and his cronies the BPC, BACP, UKCP, all the organisations making money out of cbt, and so on, are all volunteering to be governed by this use of power.


In Psycho-analysis works, I examine how the profession of the talking therapies standardises its treatments.


In psychoanalysis operates, I examine how this turns this power structure on its head: the human-BEING becomes a subject, that is, difference is put in place. The practitioner controls the direction of the treatment at the tactical, operational and policy level.



I will be developing this at the LW WG meeting on Saturday. Unfortunately Marcos Abel is no longer able to join us.