What’s new?: Clinical decisions within current paradigms: Two case studies: & Seminar X: Anxiety (or Dread) – a) references b) Kierkegaard

by Julia Evans on December 29, 2011



1)  Clinical Decisions within current paradigms:


In the following reflection, Philippe traces some of the differences with the ‘scientific’ paradigms in use. This is the foundation for arguments against NICE and DSM and evidence-based criteria being used in the UK Government contracting out provision for ‘Mental (Ill)Health’ or Well (Dis)Being’.


Philippe also includes several most useful references – thank you.


Lacanian Works  ,     The Importance of Being Earnest in Science, a Reflection  by Philippe Grisar on December 8, 2011.




2)  Case Studies:


Jo Rostron’s and Philippe Grisar’s texts which were given in London, April 2011.


Lacanian Works  ,  Missing Something  by Jo Rostron on April 2, 2011.


Lacanian Works  ,  (Dis-)connections. The Treatment of an 11 Year Old Boy   by Philippe Grisar on April 2, 2011.



3)  Seminar X:  Anxiety (or Dread) & ….


a)  References & Notes


The following is a work-in-progress.  There is already a queue of notes and further references but, to be seasonal, in the beginning…….


Lacanian Works  ,  Jacques Lacan: Seminar X: The Anxiety or Dread: 1962- 1963: Text in English & References  by Julia Evans on November 14, 1962.


b)  & Kierkegaard


This is also a work-in-progress, though the current queue is much shorter.



Lacanian Works  ,   Some relations between Jacques Lacan and Søren Kierkegaard: Seminars II, VII, X, XVII, XX & two of the Écrits  by Julia Evans on December 16, 2011.




A copy in English of Jacques Lacan’s ‘Spring Awakening’ can now be found through the link on www.lacanianworks.net


Happy New Year!



regx2 works in relationships with others to:

Enable sufferers from symptoms of psychic or mental distress to choose the treatment or practice which works for them rather than the One prescribed by the government.


Resist the top-down imposition by the law of the One Standard driving practitioners’ training, development, practice, ethics, complaints procedure, etc that produces unhealthy uniformity.  N.B.  The DoH Scoping Project (July 2005) found 571 training organisations.  This strategy seeks to support this healthy diversity rather than protect or prioritise one or a section of its variants.