Proposal for cooperation: Against Government action: John Rowan speaks

by Julia Evans on October 5, 2011



John Rowan (Co-Chair, Association for Humanistic Psychology in Britain)


Humanistic psychology is in danger.  The rise of behaviourist therapies, financed by the Government in this country, and by insurance companies and other providers elsewhere, is a current we cannot ignore.  A recent highly esteemed volume of collected therapies has dropped Gestalt Therapy and Transactional Analysis.  It has no mention of Primal Integration or of any form of Transpersonal Psychotherapy.  At the other extreme, new forms of behaviourist therapy seem to appear at the rate of about one a month, complete with a set of initials and a research record.


I propose that we create some form of opposition to this, at least making sure that our voice is present and available, whether listened to or not.  I have no detailed proposal to offer, but I think it is obvious that we must be stronger together than apart.  At least I would like this to be discussed by those affected.  It so happens that I do have a list of what I consider the humanistic approaches to be, and I am attaching a copy of the booklet A Guide to Humanistic Psychology which came out in 2005, published by the UK Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners.  This lays out the potential members of an interest group which might possibly form as a result of this appeal.


Personally I think that the Society of Existential Analysis should also be part of this caucus, but they may or may not agree.  I also wonder about the Jungians, some at least of whom I think would be interested to join with us for this purpose.  I am rather ignorant of all the possibilities of getting together on the Internet, but no doubt there are channels there which could be used.  My own idea is simply a face to face meeting of all the interested parties, to see if we can think of a useful campaign of action.


Would your organization be interested in getting together to pursue this idea in some way?  If so, what ideas do you have as to the form our cooperation might take?  My idea is simply to make some noise of the nature of – “We do exist.  We do excellent work.  We are growing and changing all the time.


We are not going away.”  This may be too direct or unsophisticated, I do not know.  What do you think?


I am writing this in my personal capacity, not as an organization.  I shall take the proposal to my next Board meeting, as I hope you will, and hope to get their backing.  I seem to have heard a wake-up call, and I am just asking whether you have, too.


John Rowan August 2011


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One comment

The NCP (National Council of Psychotherapists – are asking all Members to vote at the year end on “do you wish to be part of the PSA (formerly CHRE) register”
From comments by Members, I expect that the vote will be a resounding “no”.
I am personally hoping for this outcome as I am of the opinion that this is just another tax grab and we are expected to finance it.

by David Doohan on October 5, 2011 at 10:33 am. #