Your action is requested: Who is in bed with Whom (Part 2)?

by Julia Evans on September 28, 2011

Please give this your immediate attention.  It is posted to the date the Minister gave his speech to the New Savoy Partnership: 2nd December 2010 rather than today’s date, which is when I circulated it.
Thank you

Lacanian Works

Who is in bed with whom (Part 2)? A call for your action.

by Julia Evans on December 2, 2010

Nice and cosey does it….  When you are getting in bed with each other!

PS Please read the call to action at the end.  Thank you.

The following is based on the speech by Paul Burstow MP, Minister of State for Care Services, 2 December 2010: New Savoy Partnership (Psychological Therapies) which is available here.  Details of the New Savoy Partnership are available here  and its membership is available in endnote [i].  It will be posted to 2nd December 2010 though circulated in September 2011.