The collation of information on Government action continues…

by Julia Evans on September 29, 2011

BAAT  (British Association of Art Therapists) has had the same brilliant idea for action.


On Wednesday 28th September 2011, BAAT sent out an information request.  If you are currently facing any issues concerning employment, pay and conditions, and you are a member!, please contact them.  ‘This is for all art therapists working across all sectors.’


‘A number of message threads have developed between members within the SIGs and regional groups of late. It’s time to collate our experiences and do something with them.’

‘ BAAT as a professional body can then remain aware of the climate within services and advise/support accordingly. Initial plans will be discussed at BAAT Council on 18th November.’


Remember BAAT is already controlled by the HPC.  So those of you who see the CHRE as your savior, beware.


Also please reread this excellent post: Lacanian Works

Fit to Practice? The Experience of State Registration from the perspective of an art therapist by Kevin Jones on October 9, 2009

Art therapy as a profession has never critically reflected upon the effects of state regulation on its teaching and practice. There is  no evidence that state regulation has improved either protection of the public or standards of training compared with self regulation by the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).  Without this collective, considered and researched reflection I think that it is it is extremely difficult for counsellors and psychotherapists to find reassurance from our experience as art therapists.

Please send me as many examples of Government action as are known to you: closures, contracting out, and so on.