Saturday 8th October: A Lacanian cartel session on aspects of the symbolic in the 21st century

by Julia Evans on September 17, 2011

Bruno de Florence, Jo Rostron & Julia Evans will meet


On Saturday 8th October, 10.30am-12.30am


At: Conway Room, Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL

(Nearest underground station: Holborn)(Please note: access to the room is via two flights of stairs)


Event charge: contribute what you are able towards the room hire


You are all are invited to join us.


Working process:


The focus of our cartel work is Eric Laurent’s article: ‘The Symbolic Order in the XXI Century: Consequences for the Treatment’. This text, given in July 2010, leads to the  VIII Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis: (WAP Congress): “The Symbolic Order in the 21st Century” and is available here.


The presentation themes are as follows:


Bruno de Florence:      the use by Lacan of Topology as a pedagogical tool.


Jo Rostron:                 Some problems with surface in autism

In Seminar X on Anxiety, Lacan states that the characteristic separation at birth does not occur between the child and his mother, but between the child and his ‘envelopes’ that he drops into the world with.  In relation to my clinical work with autism, I will refer to Lacan’s concepts of objet a and the letter, and consider the question of treatment recently posed by Lacanian psychoanalyst Éric Laurent through his concepts of  ‘une néo-barrière corporelle’ and ‘éspaces du jeu’.


Julia Evans:     Further exploration of limits and groups and their links to others in the context of the August riots. The start is Eric Laurent’s comments on Bertrand Russell’s paradox and Lacan’s ‘Spring Awakening’. (Information on its availability here) .


Previous presentations are available on Lacanian Works:


The hacker by Bruno de Florence on August 17, 2011

As part of a recent cartel session on the symbolic order in the 21st century, I did a presentation commenting on the case of a hacker as portrayed in a press interview.
In this written transcription, I have commented on particular excerpts of the interview (outlined in yellow in the attached PDF) with respect to the issue of the symbolic order in the 21st century. This is followed by a more general series of comments on the prevalent use of the Internet as a mode of relationship.


An explanation of Jacques Lacan’s use of cartels in organisational structure

by Julia Evans on November 1, 1997

November 1997[i]

… The cartel was an integral part of the Cause Freudienne which Lacan founded in 1980. … Lacan observes[i] that the effect of using a traditional organisational structure in analytic training schools is to glue the trainee to an imaginary identification to the organisation or knowledge. The organisation forms a defence against the world for the trainee and because it does not recognise the transference to the ideal (imaginary identification) it fosters infantile dependency on the part of its members to those in authority who give the comfort of professional respectability in exchange. This identification with an ideal cannot only lead to passive dependency but to the alienation of the subject’s truth. A subject becomes identified with the ideal and conforms to the organisational mould. Questions about the ideal are not heard within the organisation. Lacan started to question the operation of this ideal.  Some of the consequences of an organisation glued to an ideal are the exclusion of external influences, deviant behaviours, and the existence of an elite to sort out problems.


& comments on the August riots:

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Further information about the Lacanian Works working group:

LW cartel: Jouissance & symbolic (dis)order  by Julia Evans on July 30, 2011


[i] Benvenuto & Kennedy op.cit. p210