Laing was rattling the cage of an establishment with vested interests who did not like to be questioned or held to account.

by Julia Evans on September 6, 2011

The title comment is from Bruce Scott[i] .


This comment is extremely important as the UKCP, BPC, BACP, and other members of the New Savoy Partnership  are currently sewing up the provision of Wellbeing Operators into the Government’s Wellbeing or Happiness Factories (I.A.P.T. ).  The Government, through its legislative support of HPC , CHRE, SfH , NICE clinical guidelines, guarantees that Government-standard operators in the Government-protected Mental Health Market will provide Government-standard wellbeing and economic happiness with the lucky recipients being safeguarded against risk.  And the establishment – medical & the New Savoy Partnership – walk away with the Government’s largesse through its provision through the NHS & contracted-out services.  Forget your years of training and practice in whatever is your flavour of psychotherapy, you have to have a Government-approved safety kite-mark.


And my information is that psychotherapy departments within the NHS are being closed. So are Counselling services in GP practices. And the CHRE, supported by the New Savoy Partnership, are about to launch their new Government-approved safety kite-mark so that the Government can guarantee a risk-free treatment in their Happiness Factories.  The fact that there is no evidence that the current provisions have failed will not stop these people collaborating with the Government to sew up the market in the provision of treatments for Dis-being or Mental Illhealth.  It is being steam-rollered through and I have seen comments from the totally top-secret con-sultative committee that they are well-satisfied with the stitch-up.  No need to protest further as the establishment – medical or the big-(bully)-boys: BAPCP, BACP, BPC, UKCP – have won.


The Government’s supply of safe operators to their Happiness Factories is now protected.


Well done, Bruce (who among his accomplishments is a contributor to LacanianWorks) and thank you.


And what are the rest of you doing?  When did you raise this with your contacts within either House of Parliament? Or are you content now your earnings are protected by the Government’s stamp of approval?


A further quote from Bruce Scott (see endnote i for reference):

A psychiatrist born into the age of doctor-knows-best, Laing’s questioning of every assumption about mental illness earned him derision, as well as a devoted following.

This put him at loggerheads with an establishment that saw mental illness as a medical problem, not one that could to be explained by society or patients’ relationships.


From the Guardian’s Comment is free, 26th August, 2011[ii]

But he provoked scrutiny of psychiatric methods, and opened a rich seam of thinking about our civilisation’s discontents[iii] to boot.

[i] ResponseRD Laing’s ideas on psychiatry are neither irrelevant nor unfashionable. His emphasis on patient care and choice has much to teach us about mental illness by Bruce Scott in The Guardian , Tuesday 6 September 2011 18.59 BST


[ii] Comment is free, Unthinkable? Rehabilitating RD Laing | Editorial, The Guardian , 26 Aug 2011


[iii] Probably a reference to Freud’s ‘Civilisation & its Discontents’ and in the Guardian too. Wow!  Sigmund Freud ‘Civilisation and its discontents’: 1930[1929] Vol 12 Penguin Freud Library