It seems as though the HPC has died and been reincarnated into the PSA (formerly CHRE), a bit like when Doctor Who dies and comes back in a different form.

by Bruce Scott on September 22, 2011

(Julia Evans writes: The following is an email response to Laing was rattling the cage of an establishment with vested interests who did not like to be questioned or held to account. September 6, 2011.  This title is taken from Bruce Scott’s intervention in the Guardian[i].)


Thanks for the article. Glad you found in helpful.


Julia, I was wondering about CHRE, went to their website, and found these two documents about voluntary registers. (See endnote [ii] ) I have not heard many people talking about them. I have only had a quick glance, but the language used seems so HPC. Very cringe-worthy. Its seems as though the HPC has died and been reincarnated into the PSA[iii] (formerly CHRE) a bit like when Doctor Who dies and comes back in a different form.


AND this was a bit chilling from their early thinking article:


Compliance – our primary means of encouraging compliance with our scheme will be though positive influence. Ultimately we will be able to expel a non-compliant group and place that information in the public domain. Member groups can similarly strike members of their registers but this does not prevent members from working. Member groups should agree not to admit individuals who have been struck off by another member, in accordance with defined criteria that seek to balance the rights of the individual, free trade and protection of the public.



So if people don’t comply, they will be held up to public as “bad”?


(Julia Evans adds:

  1. And this Government still sees themselves as ‘Protectors of the Public’ a role the Inquisitors took, the Third Reich took, the Stasi enforced in the German Democratic republic, and so on.
  2. Bruce’s assertion that the reincarnated CHRE into the PSA is actually a reincarnation of the HPC is correct. See end note iv for how the PSA gets its authority from King Harry’s Privy Council.  The Privy Council bypasses Parliament and answers straight into the Queen.)

[i] ResponseRD Laing’s ideas on psychiatry are neither irrelevant nor unfashionable  His emphasis on patient care and choice has much to teach us about mental illness by Bruce Scott in The Guardian  Tuesday 6 September 2011 18.59 BST

[ii] 1.  Discussion Paper: Early thinking on CHRE’s potential role in operating a voluntary register scheme, January 2011: available here.

2. Professional Standards Authority Accreditation Scheme for Assured Voluntary Registers. Discussion paper (draft – 30 April 2011) : available here

[iii]   PSA = Professional Standards Authority as declared in:

Health and Social Care Bill Part 7 – Regulation of health and social care workers.

Julia Evans notes some highlights:

–       Social care workers are clearly put under its control by Government decree.

–       The functions of the Secretary of State for Health in relation to social care workers are clearly given. So the CHRE functions as an arm of Government.

–       Patients become ‘users of social care’

–       Section 206 – CHRE becomes the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care

–       207 – The functions of the Authority confirms that the Secretary of State is closely involved and uses the High Court of England to implement their Will.  Thus, the form of authority is the same as the HPC – see Lord Judge’s (Lord Chief Justice) comment on the Government’s use of King Harry’s autocratic power.

–       208 – The funding goes straight through the Privy Council – the Privy Council was set up by Henry VIII so he could rule directly without going through nasty old Parliament

–       209 (3) In order to undo the PSA/CHRE an act of Parliament has to be passed.  Its power is absolute.

–       25B the Power of the Authority to advise regulatory bodies …. (2) The Privy Council not the Secretary of State investigates any complaints…. So control is given to King Harry’s autocratic powers.

–       210 Accountability and Governance – this is given from the Secretary of State straight to King Harry’s Privy Council……

–       211 25C The Privy Council has complete authority to appoint who it likes to the PSA.




More even than the Privy Council, this is elementary Feudalism. You accept a ‘Lord’, buy in, and then hold rights in tenure. The so called voluntary registers are more like the Doomsday Book. The Conqueror’s Barons would have been proud of their heirs.

by Steve Richards on September 27, 2011 at 1:37 pm. #

Of course! How clever to spot that… As a therapist, one becomes a leaseholder in relation to practice, while paying the full personal cost.

In exchange one gets:
– limited tenure
– being placed in the position of being exploited by the freeholder.

by Jo Rostron on September 27, 2011 at 6:50 pm. #

This is the Sadeian power structure at play. See: 1) Lacanian Works : Fantasy and the Limits of Enjoyment: ‘The Mother-Daughter Relationship’: Thread and Needle : by Pierre Naveau on January 8, 2004 & 2) Lacanian Works : The Government as Sadeian experimenter : by Julia Evans on August 17, 2011: for further details of how this form of Imaginary Absolute Power (think Henry VIII) works.

by Julia Evans on September 28, 2011 at 1:05 pm. #