Government action closes existing facilities so contracted-out services can be used (& controlled): case 1

by Julia Evans on September 29, 2011

Save Redbridge Art Psychotherapy Services for people with Mental Health Challenges: NELFT Board of Directors


So much for ‘good intentions’ of Paul Burstow MP[i].  How cynical can it get?  They think we are all idiots.  You will notice that even the Council Leader signed the petition…

Jo  Rostron

Please read the post given in end note [i] which provoked Jo’s message.




So many of you have mentioned existing facilities: psychotherapy departments, GPs’ counselling services, specialised autistic units, that are being closed, I have been pushed to action.  Jo Rostron’s message, above, was the last straw.


The following is the first case of closure.  Please notify me of any similar closures in the last year and any proposed closures.  Please ask colleagues, friends, and so on to do the same.  It is time to shame this Government.


The Closure of Redbridge Art Psychotherapy Services – Case 1


The original article attached to Jo’s note is in endnote [ii] and its title is ‘Campaigners attack lack of CON-sultation over closure’


What is being closed:

Redbridge Art Therapies,  Arts Therapies Department, Goodmayes Hospital, Barley Lane, Goodmayes, Essex. IG3 8XJ

Description of service provided

The Arts psychotherapies service offers assessment and treatment for adults with mental health problems for the whole of Redbridge. We offer a variety of groups and individual treatment for both inpatients and outpatients at Goodmayes including acute, PICU, rehabilitation wards and the Emily Bronte Acute Day Hospital. We also provide group and individual work at Mellmead House (CMHT West)



From Run-up News – Redbridge Concern for Mental Health (RCMH) July 11th 2011 available here : Editor: Nikki Sharp

Quotes: Well, as discussions about lack of consultation took place at a board meeting, it was also mentioned (quietly) that art therapy was also closing.  …

That aside, when oh when, are the powers that be going to listen? Cutting a service such as this is not cost effective and for some service users having a service such as this taken away from them may induce a relapse in their recovery and might go back to using acute care.

When are they going to realise that Art Therapy is a constructive and therapeutic way of expressing feelings along with promoting social inclusion, recovery, wellbeing, prevention of isolation, building confidence, and motivation, and networking. End quote.



The on-line petition available here.

Save Redbridge Art Psychotherapy Services for people with Mental Health Challenges

Published by KEVIN MADDEN (JNR) on Sep 09, 2011

178 Signatures as at September 29th 2011

Region: United Kingdom

Target: Residents or Political representatives involved with Redbridge



Background (Preamble):

THE North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT) have chosen to cut the ‘Redbridge Art Psychotherapy Services’ with no consultation from Service Users, Foundation Trust Members, or wider stakeholders. This runs contrary to their promises to involve service users in the commissioning and organisation of services.


The Outer North East London PCT (ONEL) commissions the North East London NHS Foundation Trust to provide mental health services for the LB of Redbridge populus.


In order that ONEL can apparently balance their finances they requested NELFT to submit to submit “efficiences” of 1.5% on top of pre-exisiting commitments in service reductions / savings.


Without ANY consultation with Service Users, Foundation Trust members, Staff or Elected Representatives – NELFT submitted Art Psychotherapy Services for decommissioning. The lack of consultation runs contrary to NELFTs own trust policies and the coalition governments of “no health without mental health”.


To: Outer North East London PCT and North East London NHS Foundation Trust.


– TO STOP the decommissioning of Art Psychotherapy Services within Redbridge. To begin a consultation of all Redbridge Service Users on the merits of Art Therapy, and to produce an independent evaluation of the results.


– For ONEL and NELFT to be fully transparent and hold a public meeting, inviting all NELFT service users, elected representatives and other stakeholders to explain why services are being decommissioned and how they selected each service.




So nothing new – no CON-sultation just the Government’s strategy of creating their very own standard risk-free market in mental health care populated by barely trained, Government-safety-kite-marked practitioners who measure up to CHRE/HPC & NICE & Skills for Health standards.  Oh, by the way, the Government are entranced by the amount of money they are saving in implementing their very own protected procedures which WILL produce Government standard Wellbeing or Mental Health in all the lucky recipients. & I forgot, silly me, these will be contracted out, so won’t show as a cost on the Government’s accounting books.


Keep the examples flowing……..

[i] This refers to this post:  Lacanian Works

Who is in bed with whom (Part 2)? A call for your action.

by Julia Evans on December 2, 2010

Nice and cosey does it….  When you are getting in bed with each other!

The following is based on the speech by Paul Burstow MP, Minister of State for Care Services, 2 December 2010: to the New Savoy Partnership (Psychological Therapies) which is available here.

[ii] Campaigners attack lack of CON-sultation over closure is available here.