Back to the political battlefield……… where power operates

by Julia Evans on September 21, 2011

Now mental health is not a topic which inspires the population to vote for you.  So how are you going to keep mental health on your parliamentary contacts’ list of priorities?


From Nick Clegg’s speech [i]  :

In a coalition, we have two kinds of power: The power to hold our coalition partners back and the power to move the government forwards. So we can keep the government to a liberal path. Anchor the government in the centre ground.

We were absolutely right to stop the NHS bill in its tracks. To ensure change on our terms. No arbitrary deadlines. No backdoor privatization. No threat to the basic principles at the heart of our NHS.


Last year I walked through the door of No 10. But we all walked through a kind of door together. To being, once again, a party of national government. So we must move now beyond the reflexes of opposition to the responsibilities of government, and the opportunities of government, too. New social housing. Criminal justice reform. Fixed term parliaments. Keeping our Post Offices open. House of Lords reform. Better mental health care. Safer banks. Income tax down for ordinary workers. Capital gains tax up for the rich. Compulsory retirement scrapped. Pensions protected by a triple lock. ID cards: history. Child detention: ended.


What is the threat to the basic principles at the heart of our NHS with respect to Mental Health and Wellbeing?


If Nick Clegg’s assertion (we have two kinds of power) holds, then how do you want to influence those prepared to operate in the field of power?


Remember Parliament reconvenes to debate the Health and Social care bill in early October – so there is not much time.



A call for your action:

Commissioning, Competition and Outsourcing are all key to the future.

Does your MP know your opinion?

Tell your Parliamentary contacts your answers to Paul Burstow’s questions: see

Lacanian Works

Who is in bed with whom (Part 2)? A call for your action.

by Julia Evans on December 2, 2010

Nice and cosey does it….  When you are getting in bed with each other!

PS Please read the call to action at the end.  Thank you.

The following is based on the speech by Paul Burstow MP, Minister of State for Care Services, 2 December 2010: New Savoy Partnership (Psychological Therapies) which is available here.  Details of the New Savoy Partnership are available here  and its membership is available in endnote [i].  It will be posted to 2nd December 2010 though circulated in September 2011.


From the Minister’s speech:

The big question is how do we make this happen in practice?’

How do we ensure mental health doesn’t slip back in tougher times?

To be blunt, how do we ensure there’s life after IAPT? {end quote}


A Call to action


The Minister of State for Care Services must have his questions answered by other people than his collaborators: the New Savoy Partnership and the Psychiatric Medical Establishment.  I recommend you feed your answers back through your MP – if upwards of 20 of you do this in through Parliament it will be seen as an important issue. Involve your colleagues……..

[i] Full transcript: Nick Clegg: Speech to Lib Dem conference: Birmingham: 21 September 2011  Nick Clegg