Seminar XXII: Lacan in English

by Julia Evans on August 4, 2011


My reason for drawing your attention to this reference is that in this session of Seminar XXII, details of which are reproduced in the category: Lacan Seminar XXII, there is an examination of the ‘unity of the subject’.  This concept of unity or the One underlies the Government’s actions and the actions of those who believe that the imposition of centralised standards is possible:  the UKCP, BACP, BPC, BABCP, most of the medical establishment (psychiatrists), etc.  They are able to contract with the Government to produce Government standard Wellbeing and (Mental) Health – see HPO2001.

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The seminar that follows, therefore, reflects Lacan’s preoccupation with logic and topology, as well as his attempt to construct a possible ‘matheme’ of psychoanalysis which had come to predominate in his later work.  This was defined in the first issue of ‘Ornicar?’ as the formulation of analytic experience as a structure, against the idea that such experience is ineffable.  It appears in this seminar more as an examination of notions such as ‘form’ and ‘consistency’, which imply a presence or unity of the subject, and which Lacan opposes with concepts and figures from logic, topology and the formulae of written language, which cannot be cohered in the same way.

In this context, the idea of woman as an object of fantasy is taken further.  Lacan argues that woman’s position in the sexual relation is that of a ‘symptom’ for the man, which serves to ward off the unconscious, and to ensure the consistency of his relation to the phallic term.  Once again Lacan underlines the precarious nature of any such consistency.

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Seminar XXII: R. S. I.: 1974-1975

by Julia Evans on November 19, 1974

Locations of Seminar XXII 1) Translated by Jacqueline Rose Published in ‘Jacques Lacan & the École Freudienne:  Feminine Sexuality’ Edited by Juliet Mitchell and Jacqueline Rose Macmillan: 1982 Chapter Seven:  (…)

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