About regx2 & principles for action

by Julia Evans on August 13, 2011


Most of the material initially posted to this site derives from:

either struggles against the intrusion of Government-driven-regulations into the treatment of those suffering symptoms of ‘Mental Illness’ and lack of ‘Wellbeing’

or from papers, conversations, seminars, reading groups within the Lacanian field.

The idea of Lacanian Works emerged from regx2 (regulation and registration).  Regx2 emerged as a circulation list in 2005 from conversations about Government action.  This web-site is an expansion of regx2.


regx2’s principles are as follows:

regx2 acts in relationships with others to:

Enable sufferers from symptoms of psychic or mental distress to choose the treatment or practice which works for them rather than the One prescribed by the Government.

Resist the Government’s top-down imposition, using its legal powers, of its centralised One Standards.   The Government controls the processes which produce the procedures to drive practitioners’ training, development, practice, ethics, complaints procedure, and more that produces unhealthy uniformity.  The Government also controls who it CON-sults thus those who disagree are excluded.

N.B.  The Department of Health (DoH) Scoping Project (July 2005) found at least 570 training organisations.

This strategy seeks to support this healthy diversity rather than protect or prioritise one or a section of its variants.


The struggles against Government use of its totalising power can be divided, roughly, into two areas:

1. Registration which gives Government control of practitioners.  The Government’s use of Privy Council power by way ofHealth Professions Order 2001, (HPO2001) to standardise, I quote, ‘the education, training, conduct and performance for members of the relevant professions and to ensure the maintenance of those standards’.  570 practitioner organisations were identified in the Department of Health (DoH) funded ‘Interim report to Department of Health on initial mapping project for psychotherapy & counselling’ by Sally Aldridge & James Pollard BACP / UKCP project coordinators.    So with the use of Privy Council power, the Government collapses at least 570 centres of practice into the ONE standard.

The Government is so addicted to this use of power that when the Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee, House of Lords, block it, they invent two alternative routes through:  CHRE & the HPC non-statutory or voluntary registers.

2. The Government generates a market in health care protected by HPO2001’s attendants:  Skills for Health (SfH), NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) clinical guidelines, Health Professions Council (HPC) and using these standards contracts out the care of vulnerable subjects to schemes such as IAPT (Increased Access to Psychological Therapies) and The New Ways of Working (NWW) project for psychological therapists.  As part of the contract, the contracting profit-making company promises to manufacture wellbeing or ‘economic happiness’.   Thus the measured outcome, the factory product, is the suffering subject getting paid employment.

Why Lacanian Works?

Lacanian:  I was first recommended to Jacques Lacan in the mid 1980s and started exploring Lacanian concepts. I am a Lacanian and intervene from this position.

Works because over the last 15 years I have produced many works in the Lacanian field which I intend to publish on this site.  My hope is that you join in.