Ethics: the Sadean & Kantian position and how the Lacanian psychoanalytic position differs

by Julia Evans on July 28, 2011


Jean-Louis Gault’s commentary on ‘Kant with Sade’ starts distinguishing the Kantian position of working for the Good (the one the Government takes within Mental Health, Education, Social Work, etc) and the Sadeian position of working for the Bad or in control of satisfaction from the Lacanian psychoanalytic position of working within relationships of love and trust.

The relation to the lack of limits or pushing through limits (as in the last post – Pierre Naveau – to the regx2 circulation area of LacanianWorks) is also discussed.  This is directly relevant to the recent incident in Norway where the perpetrator thought he had the right to complete satisfaction.  No limits seemed to have been in place.  Also, he seems to have been disconnected, for example, the links to English far right organisations seem to be imaginary (internet based).  No relationships are in place.

And working within the certainties of the Good, or producing Wellbeing, or protecting people, for their own Good, are all impositions. They are also outside relationships of trust and love.  This is why I resist working within the Government’s systematic ‘Mental Health Factories’.

Jean-Louis Gault’s commentary precedes Pierre Naveau’s.  The former sets the framework for the act or practice:  the latter describes the Sadean position.  Currently, we are witnessing what happens when a Sadeian system fails:  the Murdoch empire.  They always fail eventually and the fall-out is nasty.  My opposition to the Government’s systematic actions within Mental Health is based on the belief that dragging distressed human beings through a Sadeian power system producing certainty or wellbeing or happiness, is not on.

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