An excerpt from an interview of Éric Laurent by Jacques Munier on Ordinary Psychosis : September 2006

by Julia Evans on September 1, 2006

Laurent Éric interviewed by Jacques Munier :

“Ordinary Psychosis” [Paris English Seminar – Note #2] :

An excerpt from an interview of Éric Laurent by Jacques Munier, broadcast on France Culture, September 2006.

Published on NLS Messenger, 482 16 April, 2008 :

Full text in French at La Cause Freudienne, Number 65, March 2007 (has anyone a copy?):

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[nls-messager] NLS messager 482 : PARIS ENGLISH SEMINAR 2

Paris English Seminar – “Ordinary Psychosis”

Note #2: Éric Laurent

From NLS Messenger : 16 April, 2008

Jacques Munier: The conception of psychosis has changed quite a bit.  Traditionally, this term designates serious psychic conditions such as paranoia, paranoid delusions, transitory psychoses (les bouffée delirantes), and schizophrenia …

Éric Laurent:  Yes, they are very serious conditions.  All the same, we are in the midst of a very large extension of psychoanalytic practice, psychiatric consultations and the clinical world.  From time to time, people come to see the psychiatrist after having spoken with their primary physician about impulses or thoughts that occur to them.  The notion of depression has been a huge success.  The communal acceptance of the term of depression has become a part of everyday life.  There’s now a sort of continuum that goes from pronounced sadness to serious depression and melancholy.  A new emphasis is put on bipolarity, known as manic or depressed, or the two at the same time.  So too, one also finds a sort of continuum with regard to psychosis.  There are no longer only the extraordinary psychoses that the classical psychiatric clinic, from before the age of medications, emphasized; there are also all sorts of phenomena in the continuum such as with depression.  According to the psychoanalysts, their practice leads them to see above all people who they find as having an ordinary psychosis.  Between the classic neuroses on the one side and the extraordinary psychoses on the other, we thus find some blended phenomena, mixed, that are not so easily located.  There, we find a new field of clinical exploration that truly must be qualitatively explored.  Neurosis and psychoses must, in the meanwhile, always be distinguished as two quite fundamental poles.

–An except from an interview of Éric Laurent by Jacques Munier, broadcast on France Culture, September 2006.  published in la Cause freudienne, Number 65, March 2007.  Translation by Thomas Svolos.

Some Program Information

The Seminar will be held July 7-12, 2008, in Paris, France.  The Seminar is co-sponsored by the University of Paris VIII and the Institute of the Freudian Field.  The Seminar will be conducted in English and is open to anyone from any country interested in attending.


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