Autism : 13th July 2006 (Rome) : Virginio Baio

by Julia Evans on July 13, 2006

From the Vth World Association of Psychoanalysis’ Conference: ‘Scilicet of the Name of the Father’ : Rome: 13th – 16th July, 2006. Published by : Download complete copy at  /texts by request  Password from Julia Evans

Probably published in French in Scilicet: July 2006

Baio Virginio: Autism (One of many) p9-11: 2006 of ‘Scilicet of the Name of the Father’:

Translation team from Italian: Daniele Maracci, Marco Bani, Chiara Tartaglione, Monica Vacca, Daniela Simone with amendments by Julia Evans (April 2012)

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pX 11 of Cormac Gallagher’s translation, availability Seminar XXIII: The Sinthome or Joyce and the Sinthome: 1975-1976: beginning on November 18th 1975 : Jacques Lacan or here, p 136 of French edition : p116 of Adrian Price’s translation :

Seminar XXIII, 13th April 1976 : From Cormac Gallagher :

Question : If according to Genesis – I am reading the things that people have been good enough to write to me, it is not the worst way to do it given what I have said: that the Real is linked to writing – if according to genesis as translated by André Chouraqui, God created a help for man, a help against him, what about the psychoanalyst as a help against?

  1. Lacan: I think that effectively the psychoanalyst cannot conceive of himself otherwise than as a sinthome. It is not psychoanalysis that is a sinthome, it is the psychoanalyst. That is how I will reply to what was put to me as a question earlier. The fact is that it is the psychoanalyst who is, when all is said and done, a help of whom, in the terms of Genesis, one can say that that he is in short a reversal (retournement). Since moreover the Other of the Other is, what I have just defined now as the little hole there. That the little hole might be able to provide a help all by itself, [pX 12] it is precisely in this that the hypothesis of the Unconscious has its support. The hypothesis of the Unconscious as Freud underlines, is something which, which cannot hold up except by supposing the Name-of-the-Father. Supposing the Name-of-the-Father, certainly is God. It is in this that, that psychoanalysis, by succeeding, proves that one can moreover do without the Name-of-the-Father. One can moreover do without it provided one makes use of it.

Jacques Lacan: Conference a Geneve sur le symptome: Le bloc-notes de la psychanalyse: no 5; p5-23 : Geneva lecture on the symptom: 4th October1975: Jacques Lacan : Available here

The work referred to has since appeared under the title: L’autiste, un psychotique au travail: in Preliminaire no 5: 1993: p7-18

Leo Kanner: Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact: Acta Paedo-Psychiatrica No 35: 1968: p98-139: Originally published in Nervous Child No 2/3: 1942-43: p217-230

AMP: Scilicet del Nome-del-Padre: Testi preparatori al Convegno Roma 2006: here  p50

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