A Fantasy : August 2004 (Comandatuba-Bahia, Brazil) : Jacques-Alain Miller

by Julia Evans on August 1, 2004

Lecture given at the IVth Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis in Comandatuba-Bahia, Brazil, in August 2004.

Original French text established by Monique Kusnierek and published as “Une fantasie” in Mental 15, February 2005.

Translated by Thelma Sowley, published Lacanian Praxis, May 2005 : 

Lacanian Praxis Number 1 available www.LacanianWorksExchange.net /texts by request  Password from Julia Evans

As translated by Thelma Sowley

Available http://www.congresoamp.com/en/template.php?file=Textos/Conferencia-de-Jacques-Alain-Miller-en-Comandatuba.html


& from www.LacanianWorksExchange.net /authors a-z

As translated by Thelma Sowley & revised by Michele Julien, Published in Psychoanalytical Notebooks, Issue 34, December 2019

Note by Michele Julien : The French title ‘Une Fantasie’ and its use in the body of the text translates more precisely as “a flight of fancy” or “a flight of the imagination”, even “a whim”. It is distinct from “un fantasme”, translated usually as “a fantasy”.

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