Introduction to the Reading of Jacques Lacan’s Seminar X (Angoisse) Parts I & II : April, May & June 2004 : Jacques-Alain Miller

by Julia Evans on April 28, 2004

In April, May and June 2004, J.-A. Miller comments on Seminar X, On Anxiety, which had just been published (in French). Two texts collate this work and are of the highest interest for us since they highlight the “body with organs” in opposition to the body as a surface of the mirror stage. We present here the first of two fragments which are like two appetizers for these texts.

translated by Barbara P. Faulks, Part I published Lacanian Ink, 26 – Anxiety, Fall 2005, pp. 37-39.

Translated by Fred Baitinger & Roger Litten : Excerpts from Part I available here and here  

Part II, Published Lacanian Ink 27, The Names-of-the-Father, Spring 2006 p9-61, : Text established by Catherine Bonningue, Translated by Barbara P. Faulks : Available from  /Authors a-z or by date

In French at  It has not been possible to exactly trace where this text arrives.   Both Seminar XI & X are mentioned on Cours 15, 28/04/2004 – this may be the session being translated

Part II is published in La Cause Freudienne 84,  Paris, February 2005

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