The Logic of the Scansion or Why a Session can be Short : 2000 : Pierre Skriabine

by Julia Evans on January 1, 2000

This text was published in La Cause Freudienne No 46, Paris,2000

Published in Psychoanalytical Notebooks, Vol 10 – Formation of the Analyst, June 2003, p131-138

Translated by Adrian Price

Available here


The status of the unconscious is ethical

Logical Time

Scansion and Act

A Scansion

References as given in the footnotes

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  2. & further down pXI 2 of Cormac Gallagher’s translation is ‘Everything indicates – this is the meaning of the unconscious – not simply that man already knows everything that he has to know, but that this knowledge is completely limited to this insufficient enjoyment constituted by the fact that he speaks.’
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P134  Logical Time and the Assertion of Anticipated Certainty: A New Sophism : March 1945 : Jacques Lacan : Notes & availability here

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Julia Evans


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