The Instance (Agency) of the Letter in the Japanese Unconscious: January 1996: Shin’ya Ogasawara

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1996

Title: The Agency of the Letter in the Japanese Unconscious

Author: Shin’ya Ogasawara

(includes comments on “Lituraterre”).

Translated by Jack W. Stone.

Published by M.I.T.: University of Missouri: here

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Available in French:

at in the Ornicar?digital section. Unfortunately, I have been unable to make the following link work: here.

Introduction to the text:

Ornicar?digital is today publishing a text by Mr Shin’ya Ogasawara. The first part appeared in “La Lettre mensuelle” n° 145, in January 1996.

Ornicar? digital received the second part a few days ago. We have chosen to publish them together, since the same question is pursued and developed in both parts. We hope that the clinical approach chosen by this text will allow a re-opening of the debate on “the instance of the letter” and its relations with the written.

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