Clinic and Topology : 1993 : Pierre Skriabine

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1993

Clinic and Topology: The Flaw in the Universe, The Clinic of the Borromean Knot : 1993: Pierre Skriabine

Translated by Ellie Ragland & Véronique Voruz

Published in Lacan: Topologically Speaking, eds. Ellie Ragland and Dragan Milovanovic (New York: Other Press, 2004), pp. 73-97 & 249-267

Part I The Flaw in the Universe & Part II The clinic of the Borromean Knot Part I The Flaw in the Universe, available at  /authors a-z or authors by date

Part I The Flaw in the Universe

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b)  Clinic and Topology: The clinic of the Borromean Knot

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Available at  /authors a-z or authors by date

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In French:

Clinique et topologie : le défaut dans l’univers, la clinique du noeud borroméen,

La Revue de L’École de la Cause Freudienne, n°23, 1993, p. 117-133

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