Institution of the Phantasm Phantasms of the Institutions (E.C.F., Paris) : 17th October 1991 : Éric Laurent

by Julia Evans on October 17, 1991

Ceci est le texte établi d’une conférence donnée au Séminaire de la psychanalyse avec les enfants au local de l’E.C.F. à Paris le 17 octobre 1991.

Originally published as:

Institution du fantasme, fantasmes de l’institution : l’institution et le particulier, paradoxe / LAURENT Eric. Feuillets psychanalytiques du Courtil, 04/1992, n° 4. – pp. 9-20

English translation published as Le Courtil papers, October 29, 2003 : published at and

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The modern family’s multiplicity of forms

There is no child without institution

The discontents of the totem: Bion’s method

The failure of communal utopias, 1969: the other side of psychoanalysis

What does this mean?

A mother is essential insofar as she is an obstacle to the ideal mother

A father who doesn’t take himself for a father

The Sittlichkeit: an ethic as morality incarnated against utopia

From the paternal metaphor to the père-version

A space for residual particularity


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I have left the French word for father, père, in place in this case because Lacan is playing on the relation between father-version and perversion. I am hoping that it will not be too much of a leap for Anglo-phone readers to go from «pater» to «père» in the interest of accessing some of the richness in Lacan’s use of language. [trans. note].

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