The Clinical Roots of the Schizophrenia Concept : 28th November 1986 : John Cutting & Michael Shepherd (Editors & Authors)

by Julia Evans on November 28, 1986

Authors : As in 1986,

John Cutting – Consultant Psychiatrist, Bethlem and Maudsley Hospitals, London

Michael Shepherd – Professor of Epidemiological Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, London

Published as

The Clinical Roots of the Schizophrenia Concept: Translations of Seminal European Contributions on Schizophrenia: Cutting, John (ed.); Shepherd, Michael (ed.): 28 November 1986: Cambridge University Press, England


Note : Somewhere I have a complete list of content and other material from this book. At the moment, this is not to hand…..  It did not give who did the translating.

p1-10 Preface and Introduction : 28 November 1986 : John Cutting & Michael Shepherd

Available at  /authors a-z or authors by date

p13-24 Dementia Praecox : 1896 : Emil Kraepelin

Available here

p59-74 The prognosis of dementia praecox: the group of schizophrenias : 1908 : Eugene Bleuler

Available here

P83-88 Extravagance, perverseness, manneristic behaviour and schizophrenia : 1956 : Ludwig Binswanger

Available here

P147-158 Discordant insanity : 1912 : Philippe Chaslin

Available here

p157- 167 Confabulatory delusional states : 1911 : Ernest Dupré & Jean Logre

Available here

p168-181 Misinterpretative delusional states : 1909 : Paul Sérieux & Joseph Capgras

Available here

p182 – 187 Psychoses of passion : 1921 : Gaétan Gatian de Clérambault

Available here

P188-212 The essential disorder underlying schizophrenia and schizophrenic thought : 1927 : Eugene Minkowski

Available here

P213-226 ‘The Case of Aimée, or Self-punitive Paranoia’: 1932 : Jacques Lacan

Available here

This English translation of the central case of Lacan’s doctoral thesis has omissions.

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