Seminar XXVII, Dissolution!, Overture to the First International Encounter of the Freudian Field : Caracus : 12th July 1980 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on July 1, 1980

Published in English translation:

1) Now published, translated by A. R. Price, in Hurly- Burly, Issue 6, September 2011, pp. 17-20.

Originally published in L’Âne, Issue 1, March-April 1981, p30-31 and then in L’Almanach de la dissolution : Navarin, Paris : 1986 : p81-87. An audio recording was issued on compact disc on the occasion of the first Congress of the WAP and the Tenth International Encounter of the Freudian Field, Barcelona 1998. A previous English version was published under the title “The Seminar, Caracas, 12th July 1980”, translated by Oscar Zentner, in Papers of the Freudian School of Melbourne, Vol III : 1981 : p103-6.

Available at     /lacan

2) SEMINAR XXVII, DISSOLUTION! The Opening to the Seminar in Caracas, Venezuela; 12thJuly 1980 (Saturday) and the Closing to the Seminar, 15th July 1980 (Tuesday)

This intervention of Lacan opening the International Meeting of Caracas of July 12, 1980, was published in issue No. 1 L’Âne [The Donkey], a magazine resulting from the dissolution, March‐April 1981. In 1986, it was published again in the Almanac of the dissolution, Paris, Navarin publisher, 1986. It is referred to in these publications under the title: “The Seminar of Caracas”.

Translations by Oscar Zentner & Adrian Price :

Published at, available here

Historical reference

A participant at this event, looks back 40 years on :

‘Lacan in Caracas: Forty years and (of) an instant (of seeing)’

Gerado Réquiz is an AMS (Analyst Member of the School) of the WAP and of the NEL. He currently resides in Madrid, Spain.

Interview conducted by Cristina Vírseda, a member of the ELP Community of Madrid.

Published by LRO TEAM| January 9th, 2021|LRO 266 (Lacanian Reviews Online)

Available here   

Also published

From: NLS-Messager (New Lacanian School Messager)

Subject: [nls-messager] 3612.en/ Lacanian Review Online 266: Lacan in Caracas: Forty years and (of) an instant (of seeing)

Date: 11 January 2021 at 09:18:18 GMT

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