Seminar XXVI : Topology and Time : 1978-1979 : begins 21st November 1978 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on November 21, 1978

In English

See Richard G. Klein’s website,

Translated by Anthony Chadwick, Available as follows:

Seminar XXVI : 21st November 1978  here

Seminar XXVI : 12th December 1978 here 

Seminar XXVI : 19th December 1978 here

Seminar XXVI : 9th January 1979 here

Seminar XXVI : 16th January 1979 here

Seminar XXVI : 20th February 1979 here

Seminar XXVI : 13th March 1979 here

Seminar XXVI : 20th March 1979 here

Seminar XXVI : 5th May 1979 here  – Alain Didier-Weil speaks during this session

Seminar XXVI : 15th May 1979 here  –  A dialogue between Jean-David Nasio and Jean-Michel Vappereau.

An English translation of this session was published, translated by Boris Belay in Disseminating Lacan edited by David Pettigrew and François Raffoul; SUNY Press, 1996 pp23-42, which does not contain the responses of Jean-Michel Vappereau. (For further on Vappereau see here)


In French, La topologie et le temps.  There are 10 sessions and audio tapes available here published at


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Julia Evans

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