Aristotle’s Dream : 1st June 1978 (UNESCO, Paris) : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on June 1, 1978

Lecture delivered at UNESCO, Paris, 1st June 1978, at a conference on the occasion of the 23rd centenary of Aristotle’s Death. The French text was first published by UNESCO (Paris: Le Sycomore, 1978): 23-24; then reprinted in Sinaceur, M. A. (ed.) Aristote aujourd’hui (Toulouse: Erès, 1988); and most recently in Le Cause du désir, no. 97 (2017): 7-9.

Published in The Lacanian Review, Issue 08 ‘Nightmare’, December 2019, translated by Adrian R. Price, available at    /lacan 

Published at with two translations : 

Translated by Lorenzo Chiesa, Published Angelaki: Journal of the theoretical humanities;  Vol. 11:issue 3; 2006,pp. 83‐84 

Translated by Adrian Price, see above,Download here

Preface from p13 of The Lacanian Review, Issue 08 Nightmare, December 2019



Lacan was invited to the International Symposium held under the aegis of UNESCO on the occasion of the 2,300thanniversary of the death of Aristotle. He delivered his speech at the solemn opening session on 1st June 1978.

The reference to the dream of Alexander the Great, who was tutored by Aristotle, refers to his mention by Freud in chapter XV of the ‘Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis. The interpretation by the equivocal “Satyr-Tyr est à toi” (Satyr – Tyr is yours), was originally reported by Plutarch in the Lives of Illustrious Men. The theory of the hysterical ‘proton pseudos’ in the Entwurf einer Psychologie (Project for a Scientific Psychology) of 1895. And the writings of Aristotle on the dream as an activity of the mind during sleep are quoted in various places by Freud.

Lacan thus evokes the Freudo-Aristelians who make the Stagirite a forerunner of psychoanalysis.

Laura Sokolowsky


Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis : 1916 : Sigmund Freud, Lecture XV Doubtful Points (Uncertainties) & Criticism, SEXVI  : available here or here or here  (Stanley Hall is editor)

The Project for a Scientific Psychology: 23rd & 25th September & 5th October 1895: Sigmund Freud  : Information here


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